Milk Chocolate Bar

Feel the magic as well as the chocolate! Our original magic mushroom infused chocolate bar in classic milk chocolate is the ideal way to start your mushroom adventure.

Begin with one square to microdose, then eat half the bar and enjoy the ride! With Shroomiez premium psilocybin products, you have complete control over your trip and can be confident that you’re consuming a consistent dose of the best magic mushrooms.

Don’t know how many squares to eat? Use our Dosing Guide to find your ideal dose!

• 0.33g psilocybin per square • 4g psilocybin total per bar



Quality means quite a bit to us at Shroomiez Market. Hence, we develop our own mushrooms in our state-of-the-art offices. Understanding what’s in your enchanted mushroom piece of candy might appear glaringly evident, however without rules, numerous others wouldn’t create predictably dosed products. Thus, rides are flighty and experiences are horrendous. We carefully manage each phase of our items’ turn of events, from spore to deal, since we need to guarantee that your Enchanted Mushroom experience is generally predictable and trustworthy.

Proprietary Psilocybin Blend

Not all mushrooms are something similar; the strength of each strain, and, surprisingly, each collect, shifts. We trust that developing our own mushrooms and making an extraordinary mix of the best and most famous enchantment mushrooms is the most ideal way to guarantee a predictable involvement in each portion.

Lab Tested

Our group of talented fungiculturists is continually tweaking and streamlining our structure to guarantee that you reliably get a decent encounter. We inspect each collection and rate the intensity of each mushroom to pick which mushrooms will go into our mix, similar to champagne is made with a wide range of grapes to make a similar exact taste like clockwork.

Our Secret Formula

To give the most ideal item, we are continually further developing our restrictive psilocybin mixes. We incline toward the best and most notable enchantment mushrooms, for example, Melmak, Trinity, Mazatapec, Sasquatch, Amazonian, Phantom, Jedi Brain Fuck, Brilliant Instructor, Pale-skinned person Penis Jealousy, and others.


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